COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus - Possible Effect on Your Upcoming Operation


Latest Information Regarding Measures Taken During Covid-19 Coronavirus Crisis Update 24 March 2020


** Amended to extend moratorium period to include May 2020


Cancellation of Some Operations


The number of cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus worldwide continues to increase on a daily basis, and as yet there are no clear indications of the virus being brought under control. Because of the serious risks of further transmitting the disease by travelling from one affected area to another, we have decided the to cancel all operations in the immediate future while the World Health Organization and national governments fight to find a cure or vaccination against the disease.


We have not taken this step lightly and are acutely aware of the impact on individuals as a result of our having made this decision. While individual disappointment is understandable, we believe this is the only responsible step we can take to safeguard the health and safety of other patients, staff, doctors and other citizens and to help prevent further spread of the disease across multiple continents. The impact on affected individuals is very much regretted, but we will allow no exceptions to this decision under any circumstances.


This message serves as first notice that we have taken the step of cancelling all operations scheduled through to the end of May 2020, and will be accepting no patients at all during that period. Any client who travels to us in Thailand with the intention of having surgery during that period will be refused. This is not negotiable. We will be sending out a letter to every client affected by this decision.


We are suggesting clients affected by the cancellations consider rescheduling from no sooner than mid-July 2020 onwards.


There is obviously no financial penalty from our perspective for cancelling the operations, and expect the individual letters we will be sending notifying the cancellation will enable clients affected by this decision to claim refunds for their flights if they have already booked them.


We will keep the situation under constant review. If there is no clear progress made in bringing the virus under control, or if the situation worsens or we are directed to do so by government authority, we might extend the period to operations currently scheduled for June or even later. We will review the situation constantly and keep you informed whenever the situation changes noticeably. This page on our web site will serve as the news desk regarding the status.




There will be a backlog created by these cancellations, which of course might increase if we feel obliged to cancel even more operations. To help with this, we will try to allocate a larger number of dates available for operations in September, October, November and December and possibly beyond if it becomes necessary to cancel more operations. Clearly, because there is as yet no clear resolution of the Covid-19 virus, these dates might be subject to change.


Effect on Cosmetic Improvement Operations


Clients scheduled for Cosmetic Improvement (CI) procedures who have been obliged to cancel as a result of our decision, will be given an extended period of grace in which to complete the CI without cost. The normal period is 18 months after the primary operation. Patients affected by this enforced cancellation will be given an additional 6 months period of grace, meaning they must complete the CI by 24 months after their primary operation. This extension is granted ONLY to clients who have had their operation cancelled by us because of the coronavirus situation. It does NOT extend to other clients. Again, this period of extension might be reviewed when it becomes clearer that normal operations can safely be resumed.