Latest Information Regarding Measures Taken During Covid-19 Coronavirus Crisis – Update 7 April 2020



Suspension of all Operations



Because there is ongoing uncertainty about when it will be safe to resume operations following successful elimination of the Covid-19 coronavirus, we have taken the step of suspending all currently scheduled operations. This takes immediate effect.



How Does this Affect Me?


·         Clients Who Have a Date Currently Reserved or Provisionally Reserved


All clients who have currently scheduled an operation will shortly receive an individual email from us explaining what this will mean for their own reservation. Please wait for the email to arrive before asking any questions. Please be assured that we will do or utmost to reschedule your operations date in the fairest possible way, giving priority to new dates in the same order that they are currently reserved.


We sincerely regret and apologize for the inconvenience this will cause to all affected clients.


·         Potential Clients Who Have Not Yet Reserved a Date for Surgery


Regrettably you will be unable to reserve a date for any operation until such time as the calendar is republished at


Right now, we are unable to say when that will be, so please try to be patient and wait for it to be published. We will not accept or acknowledge any requests for new reservations. However, we encourage you to ask for information about our operations as part of your normal research leading up to choosing The Suporn Clinic for your operation. Our administrative team will be pleased to answer any questions you have about surgery, and how we will look after you when you are in our care, with the exception of actually booking a date at this stage.






There will be a backlog created by these changes, which we will work hard to clear as soon as is possible by increasing the “per week” availability of operations. Right now we are unable to forecast a new schedule with an increased number of available dates until we better know when we can resume operations. Please try to help us by reducing our administrative burden, by not asking when things will get back to normal. We will notify you through this page when we know that ourselves. Right now – we don’t know.


Effect on Cosmetic Improvement Operations


We will consider the suspension to have been in effect since the date of the last primary operation done, which was 7 March 2020.


All clients who underwent major surgery before 7 September 2018 are no longer eligible for free CI operations in any event after the date of the suspension.


For those who underwent primary surgery on or after 7 September 2018, we will extend the normal window of opportunity for free CI to be done (normally 18 months) by the longer period of the following:


a.    6 months,  or


b.    The length of time elapsed between 7 March 2020 and the (as-yet-unknown) date we re-open the on-line calendar for scheduling new primary operations.